Top 4 Home Remedies for Anxiety

When Anxiety makes it notorious entrance, you need quick relief. Here are four of the most effective methods that if perfected can help you tame anxiety without expensive medication or a doctor’s uneasy visit.

1. LOL as much as you can

The more you laugh, the more healthy you shall feel and the better your anxiety issues will get with time. Cultivate a good sense of humor and learn to laugh everything off. That goes for both fake and real laughs. Many renowned psychatrists claim that even in the case of fake laughs, we get an instant boost of dopamine. Dopamine is a brain chemical that is responsible for feelings of reward and pleasure.

Things would have been tougher 10 or 20 years back. Though, in today’s world, if you find it hards to have a laugh on your own, make use of technology. Google and Youtube are your friends. Look for good comedy shows and videos. There are plenty out there!

Loma Linda University researchers discovered after several experiments that even anticipating a tad bit of laughing lowers stress hormone cortisol, which elevates when one is anxious.

2. Schedule Relaxation

Katherine Raymer (MD, ND), associate clinical professor of naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University, Seattle recommends sitting down and looking at your schedule. Is there an hour or half hour portion in your schedule to do whatever you find relaxing? That could be a walk, meditation, yoga or even your television or Xbox system.

Researchers attempting to help shy men with Social Anxiety discovered that a short period of schedule relaxation was of great help. It helped lower their heart rates after they interacted with people compared prior to the relaxation experiment.

3. Ground & Distract yourself

When anxiety knocks on the door, do something tangible, as John Tsilimparis, a therapist from Pepperdine University suggests.

“Get ahold of your car keys. Run your fingers through them. Shake them, spin them in your hand. That sensation will help give you the grounding feeling which helps in distraction. Other examples including holding certain objects that might be heavy or slightly challenging to pick or hold. e.g Hold an ice cube as long as you can.

Why such methods work? Our brain cannot be be in two places in one instant. Such activities distract our brains from anxious feelings. Our mind is likely to shift its focus from hard thoughts to the cold ice cube in our hand.

Over the last 10 years, Virtual Reality systems have proven to be helpful in treating anxiety during various types of medical treatments. Patients immersed in VR, reported less anxiety than when they didnt use it.

4. Go Face to Face with the Fear

If something scares, head towards it and face it head on. If you feel shy in public, go out to social functions. If you feel scared of clowns, go pay a visit to the circus.

How this helps is it makes you understand that what you predict on your brain is not always what happens. For example, if you imagine that no one will talk to you at a party, your anxiety will get lowered for sure if you visit the party and make friends.

Uncertainty is a part of life. Exposure always helps. You might get disappointed one or two times, but its always better to face your fears head on.