Pain in each tooth indicates problems in certain organ – Keep in Mind!

We all have or have had tooth pains somewhere down the line in our lives. But have we ever known that pain in different teeth is responsible for malfunctioning of certain organs in your body? Sounds creepy, doesn’t it? Here’s all that you need to know to identity if God-Forbid you have any issues with one or more organs. Dont freak out! Just read carefully and remain alert about your body at all times.

  1. The pain in the first and second incisor (upper and lower) relates to chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis and otitis. an aching first incisor usually indicates tonsillitis, osteochondrosis, prostatitis, disability to the hip joint. In cholecystitis or hepatitis canine teeth reflected nonstop dull pain.
  2. If your fourth and fifth teeth root ache, the possible reasons might be chronic pneumonia, colitis, asthma, rhinosinusitis, respiratory allergy.
  3. In the case that you experience pain in fourth teeth, top and base, you likely have issues with your knee joints, bear, elbow, bar ring), it might experience the ill effects of fiery procedures with constant nature of the kind of joint pain, maladies of the colon – polyposis, diverticulosis.
  4. The 6th and seventh teeth throb in endless gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, long streaming iron deficiency, interminable pancreatitis.
  5. The pain in the 6th upper teeth is generally related with sinusitis tonsillitis, infections of the pharynx in mastopathy, tumors in the thyroid organ, aggravation of the spleen and ovaries. What’s more, six lower teeth give a flag that there is an issue with the corridors, atherosclerosis.
  6. The specialists say that the accompanying seven lower teeth are in charge of issues with veins (varicosis, hemorrhoids), lung (ceaseless pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchial asthma), motioned of polyps in the colon.
  7. And, you ought to realize that on the off chance that you have issues with your “Insight teeth”, you ought to be concerned, on the grounds that they’re connected with coronary illness, inherent deformity and other heart ailments are ranges of the sages. Tartar can guide consideration regarding the specialist endocrine framework to gastric ulcer malady.

Some researchers also claim that your teeth can reflect your personality

  • People with equal-sized teeth reflect a sign of eloquence.
  • People who tend to overthink have teeth with uneven height.
  • People with long teeth tend to be more greedy and furious.
  • People with small and sharp teeth could be deceitful and cunning.
  • People with big gaps between their teeth are usually the ones with little purpose in life.
  • People with gap between the upper incisors tend to be friendly and lively.
  • People with large healthy teeth are in most cases strong-willed and brave.


  1. Wow, there’s more bulls**t in this article than in a manure pit! Really? Does anybody, except this dimwit of an admin, believe in this crap? Well, at least I had a good laugh whilst reading the article. Funny stuff!