The Internet world is no stranger to Donald Trump getting trolled, but this time, the trolling has been taken to a whole new level.

Some genius of an artist, hailing from Wisconsin has transformed the President of the United States of America into a tiny doll. Though it is by no means just a normal doll. This exquisitely crafted troll piece has taken Social Media by storm and rumors about its mass production are already running wild! Trust me, we are by no means making this up!

Renowned sculotor Chuck Williams unveiled this stunning masterpiece of a Trump doll on Kickstarter this past week. Shockingly, the sales of the product have already exceeded Williams’ original milestone of 38 grands as a result of over a thousand backers. In just one week, a whopping $54k dollars have been received from backers.

Williams, the ex chief sculptor for the Walt Disney Company, California, has constructed sculptors on for some high profile movies, theme parks, toys and collectibles for over 3 decades. Following Trump’s world-moving election, the veteran sculptor couldn’t help but express his emotions with a staggering masterpiece.

The immaculately designed doll is roughly 5 inches tall. It stands totally bare, wielding a lego smartphone between his mickeymouse fingers. Donald Trump himself is yet to give his much awaited comments on this genius of a piece which reflects accuracy and precision in the most dramtic of ways.

Chuck made a mega announcement of a reward of a 10-doll set for the 1200 International backers, along with a limited edition resin casting.

Now that the veteran sculptor seems to have obtained the required finances, all is set for the mass manufacture of this bad dolls to kick off. Sources close to Williams have revealed that the toy would go worldwide by the end of this year.

Eager for your first pack of arguably one of the best toys in decades? The last time I had a thing for toys was some 2 decades back, but it seems as if my interest could get rekindled with a handful of these little beasts.