Which Sleeping Positions are best and worst for you?

A human being needs to spend 1/3rd his/her’s lifetime on the bed, eyes shut, dream mode on! Yes, that fact should encourage the sleep maniacs out there to do their thing more, however, for those who’re not frequent sleepers, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do fellas! Having good overall physical and mental health massively depends on how good or bad your sleep patterns and positions are.

A few medical problems, for example, weight issues, diabetes, coronary illness, dementia and numerous others have been connected to an excessive amount of or too little time spend dozing. The sleeping postures are therefore essential for your general wellbeing. They have been connected to acid reflux, wheezing and even with wrinkles.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you need your day to be relaxed, happy and productive, the following are the most advantageous and best resting positions.


As per the general opinion, this is one of the most exceedingly terrible resting positions since much of the time brings about inconvenience and torment in the morning. In any case, there are a few advantages of sleeping on your stomach. This position has been proved compelling and healthy in cases of sleep apnea and wheezing. There are no other significant benefits for this infamous sleeping position.

Stomach Sleeping is likely to bring about lower back pain since it straightens the natural bone curve of your spine. The neck may likewise be contrarily influenced, since the head is swung to the other side amid the whole night. On the off chance that you rest in this position, begin utilizing a pillow to attempt to teach yourself to one side.

Note: It may take time adjusting to your new position, but if its the healthier choice for you, why not go for it?

Sleeping on your back

In this position the back is not influenced adversely since it is straight. Along these lines, this position is great both for the spine and the neck, and their wellbeing is least effected.

Sleeping on your back also helps avoid wrinkles on your face. Moreover, it helps staying acne-free, since acne can be caused by the dead skin cells on your bed or pillow.

However, this position can bring about puffiness under the eyes, but you can dodge that issue by simply adding an extra pillow. Adding an extra pillow minimizes the likelihood of extra liquids being built up under the eyes during the night.

Sleeping on your side

According to several renowned doctors, woman are recommended to sleep on their left side whilst they are pregnant to enhance blood flow to the heart. This is beneficial for both, the mother and the little one. During pregnancy, sleeping on the stomach is almost impossible and sleeping on your back can lead to fainting due to the pressure on the lower back.

Another amazing benefit of this sleeping position is that it helps people who are victims of acid reflux and heartburn.

As indicated by physical specialists, you ought to put a pad that is firm between the knees in any resting position. The cushion will give great arrangement between the joints and the hips. It will likewise permit even dispersion of the weight amid the night which causes the sentiment uneasiness in the morning.