Getting rid of Back Pain forever

Back pain can be tormenting and life changing in a very haphazard way. It can affect your ability to move around, work or think properly, heck even think with a straight brain! There are various causes of back pain, but keep in mind that the pain levels are not always positively correlated with the degree of intensity

In simpler words, minor issues (such as an irritated nerve) can sometimes lead to short-term pain, whereas life-threatening issues (such as a tumor) could signal minimal pain. So why not try some natural home remedies and be aware of the particular signs and symptoms that are likely to warrant a visit to the medical center.


Wait and see! Your back is fairly complexed variety of joints, nerves, muscles, blood vessels and connective tissue. There are multiple parts of your back that can experience pain in case you move your back the wrong way or experience some sort of trauma.

Extensive back pain can arise quickly, but it can sometimes also leave quickly (without any treatment whatsoever) because the human body has this exceptional ability to heal itself. As such, just be patient for some time if you experience a bout of bad back pain, avoid any strenuous activities and keep a positive attitude. Relax!

Back Pain Signs and symptoms for which you should seek medical attention right away include:

  1. Muscle weakness
  2. Loss of sensation in your arms or legs
  3. Loss of bladder or bowel control
  4. High fever
  5. Sudden weight loss

What most people do wrong is settle for total bed rest. While that may be the best bet in some cases, sometimes total bed rest is not a very smart idea for most types of back pain because some movement whether slight or intense are needed to stimulate blood flow and recuperating. If you are in severe of pain, wait a few days before resuming normal activities.

If your back pain is exercise related, then you may be working out with a faulty and/or irregular plan. Talk to your personal trainer, and if you dont have one, HAVE ONE!

If you think your back pain is related to your work routine, then try and adjust your time table or work load. Using a supportive chair or a cushioned mat for underneath your feet is also a considerable option.

Chill It, Ice It

Apply something cold on your spin. Ice is the best remedy for this. Ice acts as an effective treatment for almost all acute musculoskeletal injuries, which include back pain.

Try this cold therapy particularly on the area of your back experiencing most pain. The ice application process should be carried out for 10-15 minutes every hour. Then reduce the frequency directionally proportional to the gradual loss of pain.

Some important points about the Ice Treatment:

  • Use a stretchy bandage or elastic support to compress the ice on your back. This method will help reduce inflammation.
  • Avoid direct contact between the ice and your skin to avoid frostbite. The best bet for this is to use an ice rap or frozen gel packs.
  • Alternatively, you may also use a frozen bag of vegetables.
  • In cases involving chronic back pain, moist heat works better than ice.

Steam, Salty Baths

Taking a bath in warm Epsom salt water can effectively alleviate pain and inflammation, particularly in the case of back pain caused by muscle spasms or strains.

The magnesium content in the salt relaxes your muscles.

Some Important points about Warm baths:

  • Soaking your back in a warm bath or exposing it to heat directly is not a good idea in case you’re already suffering from extensive swelling.
  • These baths are meant to last no longer than half an hour because the salty water will start sucking up the fluid from your body, leading to dehydration.
  • Make sure the water isn’t too hot. This keeps you safe from burning.
  • To apply moist heat to your back, use microwaved herbal bags.

Foam Roller

Self massage is essential for staying back-pain-free. Rolling your back on a firm foam roller is a very good way to massage your spine. While this remedy might not be as swift with its results as some of the other ones out there, it is still a great way to potentially relieve mild pain or discomfort, particularly in the mid back region.

Instructions for using Foam Roller:

  1. Place the roller on the ground.
  2. Lie down with your back on the roller. Make sure you start off with your lower-shoulder area on the roller. Begin rolling back and forth.
  3. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Note: Do not get freaked out in case your muscles get sore after using this. The first time you use a roller, such symptoms are totally natural, and will subside eventually.