Dads are notoriously notorious of being the least concerned parent of the halves, but why? To be very honest, their naughty antics of tying their baby’s PJ’s to the bed’s legs haven’t quite helped swipe away that impression.

Though, instead of slamming these immaculately genius daddies for their immaculate pranks on their babies, shall we call these practices “next level parenting techniques?. Perhaps, maybe we should honor these amazing pranks for the priceless life lessons they’re instilling into our kids.

All the more, whilst doing so, they are also injecting a great sense of humor in them little ones. Win Win Situation, no? Nothing sexist about it, just some classic Dad jokes, the best of them compiled just to bring that inevitable smile on your face!

1. Kiwi on the left, baby on the right

This genius of a dad pointed out an uncanny resemblance between his baby’s skull and a, well, kiwi…

2. When Mommy says no to biking

Seems like Dad has got a brand new biking partner ready to hit the streets. This one’s a bada**.

3. Bath time with Daddy

Dad finds Christmas baba in the tub, shaves its beard off like a pro.

4. Mom’s out of town, kids getting late for school

No more silky hair flaunting in front of the school dudes.

5. So close, yet so far away

Daddy’s little one just crawled a 100 miles, but the darn door is still lightyears away. Why?

6. My son’s too old for school

7. Joe Rogan before UFC 1000

8. Pancake with Cheeks

9. Mommy: “Dont let the kids get out of Bed”

Sure thing honey.

10. When you’ve got to watch the baby and your favorite show